Accredited Timber Flooring Manufacturers

Who are the current ATFA Accredited Manufacturers?

  • Howard Sawmill
    10 Old Bruce Highway, Howard, Qld 4659, (07) 41294976
  • DTM Timber Pty Ltd
    PO Box 43, MARYBOROUGH Qld 4650, (07) 4122 7227
  • Hurford Hardwood Pty Ltd
    PO Box 6366, STH LISMORE NSW 2480, (02) 6621 9886
  • J Notaras & Sons Pty Ltd
    P.O. Box 228, GRAFTON NSW 2460, (02) 6642 3477

What does Accreditation mean?

Accreditation, quite simply expresses ATFA’s confidence in an Australian flooring manufacturer to consistently produce quality solid or engineered flooring that meets specific manufacturing requirements and standards.


Why purchasing from an Accredited Manufacturer is important to you.

Moisture content and machining tolerances are critical to the performance and flooring. Grade is also important to the appearance of a floor. However it is these aspects that are also difficult for those purchasing timber flooring to assess. In effect, ATFA as a third party, someone who is independent to the manufacturer, undertakes to periodically assess these important factors on the purchaser’s behalf so that they too can have confidence in the product purchased.

How do manufacturers gain accreditation?

To achieve accreditation manufacturers must have the necessary controls and recording systems operating that documents product compliance to specification. The manufacturing history of the flooring sold must also be traceable back to their drying and machining records. ATFA audits each site a number of times each year to ensure that standards are maintained at the required high level.

What benefit is it to a company to become Accredited?

Consistent manufacture of flooring products is not easy to achieve and all those in the program have benefited from the audit process which scrutinises records and production processes, and highlights potential weakness that could lead to a lowering of quality. However, it is not only the ATFA that has confidence but also the manufacturer that has increased confidence in their products resulting in fewer market place concerns, with knowledge that they have the records to support their product in the marketplace and data from which they can improve further both processes and product. Simply, leading companies seek ATFA accreditation.

As a manufacturer how do I apply?

To apply contact ATFA’s Technical Manager, David Hayward on 07 34204968 for the application package or email

Entry into the program is not automatic and most manufacturers take in excess of six months to comply with requirements and prove to ATFA their manufacturing capability. It is only when program requirements are being met that ATFA will permit entry through a signed agreement to the terms of the program.