Floor Inspection Fees

Floor Inspection Fees The fees associated with obtaining a Floor Inspection are as follows:

Type of ServiceMinimum Fee
Site meeting – verbal*# (Nothing provided in writing) Ideally, all relevant parties present, alternatively, the inspector informs those not present of the outcome$350.00 AUD* (for up to 2 hours & $175.00 AUD/hr after that)
Dispute Resolution*# (Where parties are willing to work toward a negotiated action or outcome)
Site testing*# (non dispute, e.g. timber or slab moisture content) Test results provided in writing
Inspection and standard written inspection*The standard inspection fee is $1200.00 AUD, though the following discounts apply:

  • ATFA contractor, supplier and manufacturer members (where the work was directly undertaken by the requesting contractor or the product was supplied or manufactured for that project by the requesting member), the fee will be $880.00 AUD. Proxy inspections via a member will not be eligible for a discount.
  • Other ATFA members, the fee will be $880.00 AUD for up to a maximum of three inspections, after that the full rate applies (e.g. this would apply to insurance companies and insurance builders who are ATFA members).
  • Consumers (non-commercial, domestic home owners), $990.00 AUD.
  • All others the $1200.00 AUD fee applies (commercial entities, companies, insurance firms, insurance builders, architects, builders, etc.).
Inspection and specialised report*, where:

  • Inspector is designated by ATFA.
  • Requires in depth evaluation or specific content for legal proceedings or similar.
  • Requires evaluation outside the scope of the other inspection processes.
  • Inspections are complex in nature and may involve multiple parties.

Member, up to $2000.00 AUD+* Quoted based on the work required.

Non Member, up to $2500.00 AUD+* Quoted based on the work required.

(These are indicative only, the fee dependent on level of work involved).

Floor Inspection Panel Meeting or Appeal Panel Meeting (for ATFA members only)$1100.00 AUD
Oven dry moisture content testing (up to 6 samples and results provided to client in writing). Additional to an inspection.Member $100.00 AUD Non Member $125.00 AUD
Timber species identification Testing. This is an additional fee to an inspection.Member $250.00 AUD for one piece, $175.00 AUD for each additional pieceNon Member $300.00 AUD for one piece, $200.00 for each additional piece
Travel costs for additional travel charges associated with inspectionsUp to $0.75 AUD per kilometre (based on the ATO rate)

These fees will be reviewed and amended from time to time.

* Additional time and travel costs will apply depending on the location of the site to be inspected, this can be up to $0.75 AUD per kilometre (at the discretion of the inspector). Inspections within 30 minutes drive from the inspectors address should not incur travel costs.

# Should a site meeting, testing or dispute resolution lead to the requirement for written information (therefore the client believes there is still an issue with the floor and wishes to progress the matter), the process becomes a full floor inspection and the balance of payment is required before the inspection proceeds (the balance being the difference in cost between that paid and the next level undertaken).